‘The Onion’ has been Almost too Funny Lately; and here are Some of our Favorites


With the abundance of ways to receive information with the Internet, cable television and the numerous streaming services being the primary vessels, there is also an oversaturation of information and content. We’re so brand new to this new technological revolution that it can have detrimental side effects.

Twitter and Facebook are both bizarre landscapes where this is the most indicative. After following the vast array of people, companies, businesses, media and everything in the between, a five minute scrolling session could range from outrage over the end of the world to cutest viral puppy video. Your brain is processing a lot and that’s something none of us were subjected to just ten years ago. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s definitely not for the fragile mind.

Thankfully we have comedy to bridge the gap. Saturday Night Live gives us that weekly dose of badly needed satire of the chaos coming from the White House. If you desperately need true escapism then you can watch any of the countless new original shows pedaled by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and everything on cable and network television. It’s a good ole case of optional paralysis where you scroll and scroll and thirty minutes later you still haven’t found the right thing to watch.

But then you have The Onion – a near 30-year-old news satire media company that hasn’t been quite as funny until the last several years.

The evolution of the satire, the jokes, has been quite remarkable amid the new Trump-era, a time when comedians are divided about whether to joke about the president and his administration at all. Some think it’s too easy, the others think it’s some sort of self-serving projection of their patriotism like it’s important to let everyone know where you stand.

Thankfully, The Onion wants none of that because nothing is off limits for them.

Here are some of the writing staff’s picks for some of the best over the last month.

Bonus all-time favorite; they make a habit of posting this after every mass shooting. It’s brutal but honest.

The Onion is one of the best social media follows to zap you back to what really matters in the world right now – keeping a sense of humor.

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Chad Allen is a Los Angeles resident with an extensive background in the entertainment industry as a production company executive and as a screenwriter. He is also the publisher and managing editor of Free Press Daily News.


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