NBC Needs to Hire SNL Star Leslie Jones to Cover Every Olympics From Now On

NBC Needs to Hire SNL Star Leslie Jones to Cover Every Olympics From Now On

Saturday Night Live star, Leslie Jones, has taken to Twitter non-stop since the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games began – giving an overwhelmingly funny commentary on the various events. Jones is hard-pressed on anything from the fashion choices of figure skaters to her incertitude about events like curling when she said, “is this like [playing] marbles?” But it’s her tone – excitement in certain cases and disdain in others – that oozes from her videos and really sells her hilarious social experiment. Rooting for the U.S. Olympians is foremost for Jones, but she also revels in the moments from other countries’ athletes’ spectacular achievements as well.

Too often in sports we’re bored by commentators explaining the routines and the specific moves like in figure skating and snowboarding, which mostly means nothing to casual-watching layman. They’re boring. Unenergetic. It’s like listening to paint dry. Why is it that you think Tony Romo is already widely being considered one of the best commentators in all of sports after only a year? He’s exuberant and when he predicts the football play before it unfolds it’s captivating. And Jeff Van Gundy might be the best NBA commentator because he refuses to censor himself when he disagrees with a call or something controversial happens. That’s refreshing. Jones doesn’t have that wealth of knowledge that Gundy and Romo have, but her excitement is infectious and that’s a characteristic quality that lacks during NBC’s broadcast of the Olympic games.

NBC really needs to shake it up and add someone with a personality, who doesn’t treat the commentary like a physicist professor describing each step of a mathematical proof. Sure, you need that person, but they need to shake it up with a comedian.

Here are some of Jones’ Tweets that have gone viral and demanded a response from some of the U.S. Olympians. Warning: Jones certainly has a potty mouth, but these are mild:

Adam Rippon seemed to have invited Leslie to the Olympics.

USA figure skater Mirai Nagasu saw Leslie’s commentary as well with a tweet back to her.

NBC really needs to consider hiring Jones. After all, NBC already employs her on SNL anyway. Seems like a shoe-in.

~ By Chad Foreman


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  1. Pretty good. Of course i do like Mike. But the majority of the people doesn’t understand the tech part of the runs and the scoring. Some of our skaters did get a raw deal.


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