Infowars is a Vile and Dangerous “News” Organization that Needs to be Stopped Immediately

Infowars is a Vile and Dangerous “News” Organization that Needs to be Stopped Immediately

Notorious broadcaster of Infowars, Alex Jones, once grotesquely called the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting tragedy a hoax. So, scratch that, let’s call Jones and his “news” organization what they actually are – boneheaded sensationalized conspiracy theories paraded as a legitimate source of information to fulfill an agenda. It fools hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on a daily basis. The National Enquirer tabloid is a more legitimate news source than Infowars.

Infowars is Fake News

The major issue with a fraudulent news institution like Infowars is that people gobble up the preposterous theories it perpetuates. Recently, Jones was in a custody battle with his wife and his attorney, Randall Wilhite, actually argued, “He’s playing a character. He is a performance artist,” in a desperate attempt to prove that he’s a stable father.

But why do people feed into this garbage when this is obviously the case? The answer is that some of his other Infowars cronies are passionately serious about their delusions. One of those bogus “journalists” is Kit Daniels who pushed his agenda that, Nikolas Cruz, who terrorized a Parkland Florida high school on Wednesday, was inspired by the terrorist organization, ISIS.

Daniels posted an article with grossly inaccurate information because he was so desperate to make it seem like ISIS was the cause of this massacre and not at the behest of a mentally ill Caucasian male. But the truth is, Cruz, was actually a Trump supporter that wore a “Make America Great Again” hat in one of his Instagram profile pictures.

At this point, let’s leave it to Respectable Lawyer to argue the case.

Don’t mistake that the tone of this article is an indictment on Trump supporters. It’s not. Just because this misguided mentally ill kid shot up his former high school murdering 17 other children is not your fault because you support the president. And it’s also not without merit to ignore that some mainstream media news sources are not without bias or flaws. When a Time magazine journalist reported that the White House removed the infamous Martin Luther King Jr. bust from the Oval Office, he was wrong, but he also apologized for being factually incorrect.

This case, however, is different because it’s a gross negligence of facts where they knowingly perpetuate garbage that is clearly false. Sure, no one is arguing that certain mainstream media have an anti-Trump bias.

But this is exceptionally dangerous. What’s worse is that Infowars followers eat this up and flaunt it around as fact.

~ By Robin O’Neill

Alex Jones” by Sean P. Anderson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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