The Deterioration of Traditional Values; but we’re Getting Them Back Now

The Deterioration of Traditional Values Came from the Top but we’re Getting it Back Now

Why has America becomes so divided politically and culturally?

The answer is found at the top, but begins at the bottom.

I believe it all begins with the individual family and the love and responsibility of a father and a mother. The parent’s set of values and beliefs, preadolescent training/discipline and setting the example by actions and honest encouraging communication is essential to a child’s growth. Whatever values a child learns in early life may be carried on into adult life and even guide that person in making critical decisions affecting the rest of their life, as well as others. Hopefully for the better and not the worse, the family is the building block of society. Everyone has one.

So for many today, the driving question is “Why has America become so divided politically and culturally?”

Traditional American Values

Since the answer is found at the top, for America, let’s move right up to the elected President, elected Congress, and the Supreme Court. As our Constitution has it, the buck stops with the President who signs Congressional bills into law, elects judges to the Supreme Court, serves as commander and chief of our armed forces, and enforces the rule of law. The laws are supposed to be for the benefit of we the people. So the values of all politicians put in place at the top were put there by the people who voted their own values. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

As a baby boomer, I can recall Presidents like Eisenhower, the golfer, to Kennedy, the elitist, and of course Regan, the Hollywood actor who believed in peace through strength. These Presidents all had challenging times, but something happened to American values in the mid-1960s during the Vietnam War. President Kennedy was tragically assassinated in 1963 and Vice-President Johnson was sworn in. While President Johnson was concentrating on winning the Vietnam war and the war on poverty, the younger college generation began revolting against the Vietnam war and turning to free love and illegal drug use. They eventually won the war-against-the-war under President Nixon, but continued with the loose cultural values as life went on. The culture began to slowly lose moral values over the next 40 years and what was taught in the family also enabled that slide.

Remember that family is the building block of society?

Fast forward to today and we see laws that support throwing God out of public places, loss of the sanctity of life and marriage, LGBTQ rights and same sex marriage, transgender becoming a new norm, on and on. But how did we the people get to this point? It all came from the values that elected our government leaders, some of which have also become career politicians corrupted by special interest PACs. Their constituency is so culturally divided on values that some politicians vote with the special interest groups that fund their elections.

On a side note, there exists a theological comparison of today’s decline in cultural values and morality with ancient Israel’s desire to be governed by a king in the days of The Old Testament.

In the just released book, The Paradigm, by Jonathan Cahn, the leadership which enabled today’s culturally divided nation is foreshadowed in the lives of Ahab and Jezebel nearly 3000 years ago. The reigning King and Queen of Israel led the nation in throwing away God and worshiping false gods like Baal, sacrificing children, and enabling sexual immorality. God’s chosen people had turned against Him.

So who were the antitype “king and queen” of America foreshadowed 3,000 years earlier?

The Paradigm astoundingly portrays and compares the leadership of Ahab and Jezebel with that of America’s past President and wife, Bill and Hillary Clinton. President Clinton brought sexual immorality into the White House and then lied about it to the nation. Like Ahab, Clinton knew of God, but embraced other values. He was a divided man, compromised in many ways, and was the first President to ally the government with abortion. Like Jezebel, Hillary was actually a “co-president” and became a strong advocate for abortion just as Jezebel believed in child sacrifice to Baal. With these two “leaders” exhibiting their values at the top for America and the willingness of the people to follow, America accelerated into an era of apostasy like no other President before him. But not everyone in America was on board with this set of values and what the nation was becoming. With the election of President George Bush, born into a family of strong Christian values, this slide was temporally curtailed for 8 years, but continued under President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Just as Jezebel continued in power after Ahab’s death to be “Queen mother” to their son Joram, for whom Obama is the antitype, Hillary stood in corrupt power with Obama during his years as president.

Jehu was a warrior commander in King Ahaziah’s army. He was fierce and unpolished. He made no excuses for the things he ordered and commanded obedience from everyone. When he was pronounced as the new King of Israel by Elisha, he immediately began bringing down idols and destroying the Kingdom of Ahab, including Jezebel. Israel had departed from God and Jehu was on a mission to repent and return Israel to God.

Amazingly, President Trump, who succeeded Obama and defeated Hillary in the 2016 election is described as the antitype to Jehu. He immediately eliminated funding of world-wide abortions put into place by Obama.

In conclusion, the Presidential election of 2016 was won by a majority of voters having a similar set of values. Those values included pro-life protection for the unborn, smaller less intrusive government, healthcare for our deserving veterans, protecting religious liberties, stopping illegal drug traffic, enforcing illegal immigration laws, peace through strength and more. President Trump is also battling for job creation and regulation rollback, tax cuts, and fair international trade. He is working for all Americans, while not compromising the set of values that got him elected. Of course there are many dissenters with different sets of values, but this is something America will have to work through until we can become united again.

The American republic is now at a crossroad between conservative and liberal values at the top of our Federal government. As apolitical, egocentric, uncensored and outspoken as he is, President Trump was elected for the values and promises he made to the American people. The country is still politically and culturally divided, but on a return to traditional values that made our country a light to the rest of world. Finally, we have a President leading the battle from the top. Now society needs all those loose building blocks out there to take up the educational battle teaching values that America was founded upon and that God’s truth and morality really does matter.

~ By Michael Strong



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Michael Strong is a Christian, husband, father and grandfather of six. Strong is a Virginia native who has spent time in the Marine Corp at Quantico and many years as a defense contractor in Reston. He’s a proud conservative and hiking enthusiast.


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